Appleton Estate

The Appleton Estate is a magnificent and fertile area situated in the central Jamaica, tucked away in the Nassau Valley. Producing our exquisitely aromatic and nuanced rums is not simply a passion for us at the Appleton Estate; it is also a craft.

Being Jamaica’s oldest sugar farm and distillery still in operation, Appleton Estate enjoys a special distinction. Come see how they deliver Jamaica’s greatest rums by combining knowledge and love.

If you love the taste of rums or you are just curious to get a taste of one of the finest rums in the side of the hemisphere, then this is a no brainer for you. You will get to learn how the rum is made and stored and who knows you may just end up buying a bottle of their very rare rum.

But let’s say that rum is not your thing, but you are in the St Elizabeth area and need to find somewhere that is quiet, peaceful, and relaxing or somewhere where you can go for a swim in their manmade pool or if you are a bit more adventurous you could go ziplining and enjoy the view as you whiz by the trees.

So, all in all, make sure that you at least check out the Appleton Estates you will indeed enjoy yourself.

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