Jamaica Swamp Safari Village

In Falmouth, Trelawny, there is a wonderful little attraction called Jamaica Swamp Safari Village. A destination where guests can tour the town with knowledgeable guides and observe the animals and natural attractions.

 Swamp Safari Village is the closest you will get to seeing mother nature at its best as you travel through lush, green rainforests.

If you are a James Bond fan well, you will get the chance to celebrate and pay homage to the man  who filmed his iconic crocodile jumping scene on this precise location in the 1972 film Live and Let Die. Fill your bucket list with the best and most lush rainforests that Mother Nature has to offer and meet actual gigantic crocodiles as well as other exotic animals like the extinct Jamaican coney, the grey fox, the raccoon, and the capuchin monkey. The biggest walk-through aviary in Jamaica, which is home to some of the most exquisite and vibrant island birds, offers wonderful moments for visitors. The middle of the marsh is where its unspoiled and natural beauty is at its best!

In addition to eating delicious food at the Safari Jerk Restaurant, visitors may shop at the Ross Kananga-themed Kananga House Gift Shop.

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