Luminous Lagoon

Explore a breathtakingly beautiful bay via boat. You must not miss this. The renowned Luminous Lagoon is the destination of nightly boat tours, which begins each day at dusk. You’ll see things that will remind you of the breath-taking beauty that Mother Nature has given us! A sight to behold, without a doubt!

This lagoon is home to microscopic animals that, when startled, emit bioluminescent light. The lagoon is surrounded by mangroves.

Disturbing these organisms causes the water to shimmer and light up in an amazing shade of blue. The fish’s forms can be made out as luminous streaks in the total darkness of the night as they swim and move about in the lagoon. Because of the spinning water drops, the lagoon “lit up” when it rains.

Check it out you will be blown away by the beauty of the lagoon.

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