Martha Brae River Rafting

One of Jamaica’s premier attractions is rafting on the world-famous Martha Brae River, and whether you have made multiple trips, or this is your very first trip to the island, this is an adventure that will keep you coming and coming again. With slow, leisurely rides traveling down the river on a handcrafted bamboo raft, the Martha Brae River, which is surrounded by breath-taking natural scenery, offers a peaceful experience to both children and adults alike.

According to folk lore, the Arawak witch with the same name is the inspiration behind the name Martha Brae. Martha Brae reportedly had to reveal the location of hidden treasure along the river when Spanish settlers first arrived in Jamaica. Once this information was revealed, Martha Brae altered the river’s path, murdering the settlers and sealing the cave where the gold was rumoured to be hidden.

Although this tale is merely a folktale, it offers a more intriguing explanation for the origins of the Martha Brae River. One further version of the story claims that the Rio Mateberion River’s Spanish name, Martha Brae, was simply adopted.

Whatever you choose to believe the folklore or not, one thing that is certain is that  you will definitely be bewitched by the natural beauty and alure of the Martha Brae River.

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