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powerboat adventure in jamaica

It has been a long time since I have felt this enthusiastic about anything! The exhilaration of gliding on the big waves in a power boat set my heart racing. All I could think of was being surrounded by Jamaica’s blue azure waters, the rich vegetation that borders the coastlines, and the boat whisking me away from the humdrum.

See Jamaica’s enthralling beauty from a different perspective. Experience the adrenaline rush of flying around the coastline on Caribbean blues while taking in breathtaking sights on Jamaica’s first-ever high-speed Powerboat trip with Island Routes as your guide. Slow down to soak in the sensations as you pass by prominent tropical locations. Experience the breathtaking splendour of Jamaica’s most charming hidden jewels. Feel the warm tropical breeze sweeping through your hair, the dazzling sunlight kissing your skin, and the sound of the ocean passing you by. This is the route to happiness.

With the pier behind you and the lovely tropical ocean in full view, you can enjoy the lush, spreading vistas of the stunning North Coast as you speed ahead to see an incredible combination of iconic island spots and unknown hidden jewels on the all-new Powerboat Adventure. Dive into the brilliant blue waters of the famed Laughing Waters beach at the first stop on this adrenaline-pumping powerboat ride. Dive into the calm waters of the adjacent spring river, or go snorkelling at the neighbouring reef to get acquainted with diverse marine life.

As lovers of boats, We couldn’t decide which of the five Powerboat trips to do because they all featured activities we wanted to do. After all the discussions, We agreed on the Ocho Rios West Coast Powerboat Adventure Half Day, and Ocho Rios became our playground for the next half-day.

The boat was inviting, and the engine revving made us feel like we were about to go on an experience of a lifetime. We were out on our journey after completing all the necessary formalities, such as registration, temperature checks, hand sanitization, and life vests.

The atmosphere was fantastic! The sights were breathtaking! It was indeed a new perspective on Ocho Rios. Our first destination was Laughing Waters, where Honey Ryder emerged from the lake in a white bikini, mesmerizing James Bond with her singing. My bucket list was completed. We couldn’t stop taking Snapchat filters and Instagram stories of the waterfalls. To the amusement of our male companions, each attempted to replicate the Honey Ryder moment.

Back on the boat, we cruised to Drax Hall’s The Cove Beach. The breeze stroking our skin in the warm Caribbean sun was a nice break after the dark clouds and wintery days. We had a good time on the boat, and the host knew precisely what Reggae and Dancehall songs to play to get us going. 

Then, uncover the splendour of 600 feet of beautiful natural marvel at the world-renowned Dunn’s River Falls. Take the spectacular trek to the top of the cascades and capture that moment in time with a snapshot for the ‘gram’.

Dine island-style, with a hand holding a plate of Jamaican favourites and a thirst-quenching drink planted in the sand beside you, with water lapping at your feet. You will know what it means to have had an authentic island experience when you soar through the Caribbean blues after a spectacular day.

Our time together was unforgettable, and we chose to build those memories on the Island Routes Powerboat Tour. We decided to make the trip again before it ended, and this time my friend would be able to snorkel along the Negril cliffs.

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