Going Home? Here’s What You Need To Pack From Jamaica!

What you need pack from Jamaica

Packing your luggage and making your way to the airport at the end of your holiday is usually a melancholy affair. It’s possible to feel like you’ve left a piece of yourself on the island. You can, however, take a bit of the island home with you.

Jamaica has all the ingredients for a beautiful vacation location: a vibrant entertainment scene, diversified food, and numerous excursion opportunities. Add in all-inclusive resorts like Sandals, and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic experience.

After snorkelling along Seven Mile Beach, jumping from Dunn’s River Falls, rafting down the Martha Brae River, visiting Mystic Mountain, and participating in countless other adventures in Jamaica, The pleasure you derive might be extended if you have anything to remember it by, you can also buy gifts for your friends and family to indicate that you were thinking about them even while you were abroad.

Key chains, t-shirts, shot glasses, and fridge magnets are all nice, but wouldn’t you like to bring something truly fantastic and unique to Jamaica with you? If so, these are our top Jamaican souvenirs to get home.

Souvenirs to Bring Back Home along with you from Jamaica 

Blue Mountain coffee

Coffee connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers alike will want to bring home a few packs of Blue Mountain Coffee. You should taste it on your trip and bring some back with you!

Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica is widely regarded as the greatest in the world and one of the most costly. Its richness and lack of harshness make it a commodity that draws visitors to the island. The coffee is grown and collected in a legally authorised location in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are located between Kingston and Port Antonio, some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean. Blue Mountain Coffee is available in practically every coffee shop and cafe on the island.

Wood carvings

Wood carvings are among the most elegant, imaginative, and detailed art and craft objects sold in Jamaica. Quality wood carvings are often fashioned from solid woods such as lignum vitae, cedar, mahogany, or dogwood, the Jamaican national lumber. The products are typically carved into Jamaican cultural motifs such as animals, rasta emblems, and famous persons. The hand-carved wooden sculptures are great for decorating homes and gardens. They can be found in Kingston, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay craft markets.


Art is prevalent in Jamaica. Finding high-quality but reasonably-priced art will be simple in terms of painting. Watercolour, ink, and oil rule supreme in Jamaica. Landscapes, Jamaican cultural themes, and prominent Jamaican stars such as Bob Marley are frequently depicted in paintings.

You’ll discover skilled artists willing to create unique pieces and portraits, especially in tourist locations. It’s even more special and well worth it!

Numerous skilled wood carvers also sell complex crafts, ranging from sculptures to domestic goods such as bowls. Weaving is very prevalent in Jamaica. Pick purchase a woven basket or rug to add some style to your home!


Your vacation can continue even after you return home with world-class Jamaican rum!

Appleton Estate is the island’s top brand. You can even tour the distillery to discover how rum is manufactured and buy some straight from the source!

Wray and Nephew’s white rum is another local and tourist favourite. It has the reputation of being the best in the world and is an integral element of island life. It’s lighter and slightly sweeter, making it ideal for cocktails.

Try some Jamaican rum cream if you have an even sweeter tooth. Spices, nuts, and sometimes dried fruits enrich this sweetened, milky rum drink.

Local Music 

Music is essential to Jamaican culture, uniting locals and visitors alike with booming dancehall songs and down-to-earth roots reggae tracks.

Although Spotify and Apple Music put the world’s music at your fingertips, nothing beats holding a physical copy of some of Jamaica’s most legendary music. CDs are widely available, while vinyl records are making a comeback. Visit a record store and get your hands on some!

Get hits from Jamaican legends such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Shaggy, and Beenie Man. Consider purchasing a few CDs or LPs from newer and more underground artists as well, as their music may be difficult to locate outside the island.

Spices & Seasonings 

A journey to Jamaica will undoubtedly highlight the excellent and varied cuisine. The flavours in Jamaican food are different from those experienced by most visitors. Please note the ones you like and try to find them in stores before you go!

Because of the powerful herbs and spices utilised in the food preparation process, Jamaican cuisine is an adventure for the taste buds. Many people appreciate Jamaican food because of the distinct seasoning blend.

Jerk spices are a must-have. Though you can now get jerk spices in many major stores worldwide, nothing beats the ones created on Jamaican land.

Take home a bottle of scotch bonnet pepper hot sauce if you’re courageous enough. The little peppers are approximately 40 times more desirable than a jalapeno.

Root Tonic

Herbal treatments are widely used in Jamaica. Root tonic is one such preparation. This drink has been around “since the year was nothing,” as Jamaicans say (for a very, very long time).

Root tonics are beverages from medicinal plants, herbs, roots, and tree bark essential to Jamaica’s ethnomedical tradition. Root tonic is a panacea; it is thought to cleanse, detoxify, provide energy, and relieve pain, among other things.

This concoction is supposed to improve one’s health, strength, vitality, and sex drive! As the Jamaicans say, One Root tonic a day keeps the doctor away! 

Root tonic can be prepared from various herbal mixtures, each with its benefits. This drink is also available in the form of alcoholic tonic wines.

Jamaican Dolls

Handmade Jamaican stuffed dolls are one of the prettiest gifts available in Jamaica. These dolls may typically be found in any craft shop or craft market on the island. The dolls are either soft (filled with a sponge or other soft material) or plastic and are often clothed in Jamaican branded clothing or bandana apparel made of plaid material, a symbol of Jamaican ancestry. There are also Jamaican-patois-speaking dolls that say the most common Jamaican-patois phrases.

Jamaica Brand Clothing

Purchasing Jamaica-branded clothing is a terrific way to continue representing the island for years to come. Wearable souvenirs such as garments, shoes, hats, purses, and accessories can be found across Jamaica.

Is anyone selling a Jamaica-branded version of any article of clothes you can think of? There will be several things with designs of the Jamaican flag, the Rastafarian flag, renowned performers, and locations.

Many more subtle solutions include a Jamaican motif more discreetly. It’s worthwhile to visit craft markets to find some more unusual items.


Jamaican jewellery is African-inspired with a tropical flair. Craft markets are a must-visit for fashionistas looking for authentic, handmade jewellery. At the very least, bring home a bracelet in the Jamaican or Rastafarian flag colours!

Jamaican fashion is defined by statement earrings and beautifully beaded necklaces and bracelets. Jamaican jewellery contains numerous natural components, such as stones, carved wood, weaved twine, and bones, in true island style.

As with any memento, ask questions and check the labelling to avoid purchasing a Made-in-China item.

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